Trex planning to build another decking works

After the start-up of the new decking works at its Winchester headquarters at the beginning of this year, Trex has begun planning another production facility. According to a release, the company wants to invest approximately US$400m at the port of Little Rock, Arkansas, over a period of five years. Trex says the greenfield project will be financed mainly via ongoing cashflow.

On an area of 300 acre (roughly equivalent to 120 ha), the project includes the construction of a decking works in Little Rock along with all the facilities required for processing plastic films and salvaged wood. Besides office and storage space, the plans also cover a works for producing the appropriate railing systems for the “Residential Products” division. Construction work is scheduled to start in early 2022, followed by the probable start-up of the first production facilities during the course of 2024. According to Trex, one of the distinguishing features of the new Little Rock facility is its favourable location in relation to the existing works in the USA’s east and west. The links to key traffic routes and low freight costs will help to optimise supplies to customers particularly in the country’s heartland.

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