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Sweden: export activity slackens off

20.10.2020 − Following the total increase of 13% in exports of softwood and planed lumber achieved by Swedish exporters in the first half year, in July exports grew by just 1%.» more


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Siempelkamp sells hybrid OSB plant to China

19.10.2020 − Guangxi Xiangsheng Household Materials Technology had placed an order with Siempelkamp for a complete plant on which various types of OSB are to be manufactured from the second half-year 2021. » more

Klöpfer & Königer set to exit the Surteco share pool

19.10.2020 − Klöpfer & Königer Management has terminated its membership in the Surteco share pool with effect from the end of 2020, according to an ad-hoc statement published by Surteco Group on 6 October. » more

Cafom completes sale of Habitat to Le Guénic

19.10.2020 − Groupe Cafom completed the sale of its home-interiors business “Habitat” on 6 October. » more

Tide has turned in price trends over the past few months

14.10.2020 − Shifts in demand triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic have had an impact on the trend in prices for different wood and wood-based panel products over the past few months, as well. » more

Pinnacle must move pellet handling to Prince Rupert

13.10.2020 − Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group is moving its pellet-handling operations for its export business to the company’s own Westview terminal in Prince Rupert until further notice. » more
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Velux wants to close supplier plant in Skærbæk

12.10.2020 − In the course of rationalisation measures for the existing production capacity, Velux Group is planning the closure of the component works in Skærbæk that trades under the name of “Skærbæk...» more