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Pfleiderer to further increase recycled-wood input

24.11.2020 − On 20 October, the district administration of Neumarkt issued Pfleiderer Neumarkt with a permit for alteration of two particleboard plants operating at its Neumarkt facility. » more


European pellet production up by 7.2%

23.11.2020 − In 2019, pellet production within the EU28 increased by approximately 5% vis à vis the preceding year to 17.841m t, and in other European countries the rate of increase was 17% to a volume of 4.164m...» more

Kimball International intends to acquire Poppin

23.11.2020 − The purchase price amounts to US$110m cash plus additional payments up to a maximum of US$70m if certain turnover and profit targets are met by 30 June 2024. » more

Westag & Getalit divisions show mixed performances

23.11.2020 − Westag & Getalit has announced that both of its divisions staged a recovery over the past few months. » more

Chemours increased titanium dioxide sales again in Q3

20.11.2020 − The Titanium Technologies division within Chemours staged a recovery in all regions and sales segments in the third quarter of this year.» more
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USA’s sawnwood imports from Europe boosted 79 %

20.11.2020 − At a total of 711,126 m³, the USA imported 79 % or 323,662 m³ more sawn softwood from the EU (including the UK) in the third quarter than they did in the same period of last year.» more
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Arbonia concludes syndicated loan agreement

20.11.2020 − On 9 November Arbonia, which operates in the door business as well as other areas, concluded a new syndicated loan agreement for CHF250m with a five-year term and the option to be renewed twice. » more