Markets and price trends

EUWID Wood Products and Panels researches prices and trends for a large number of wood products and wood-based panels. Our team of veteran business reporters stays in touch with many contacts at key market players to collect this data. In addition to our regular price mirrors and market reports, we also offer readers the chance to map long-term price trends using our website.

Prices and market trends

We focus on the timber markets in central Europe as well as eastern Europe, North America and Asia.

  • Market data
    Soft and hardwood logs, industrial wood, softwood lumber, hardwood lumber, sawmill residues, wood products, wood-based panels, surface materials, construction elements, furniture

  • Our team
    Factual, exclusive and independent reporting

|   21 Sep 2023
Sawn Softwood Germany (from July 2019)
|   11 Jul 2019
Sawn Softwood Germany (to July 2019)
|   14 Sep 2023
Softwood Roundwood Germany
|   07 Sep 2023
Hardwood lumber US
|   24 Aug 2023
Sawmill Residues Germany
|   31 Aug 2023
Window Scantlings Germany
|   07 Sep 2023
Finger-jointed carcassing Germany
|   24 Aug 2023
Pallets Germany
|   14 Sep 2023
Glue-laminated lumber Germany
|   07 Sep 2023
Asian Plywood
|   21 Sep 2023
Particleboard Germany