Trex forced to limit output in Winchester after a fire

Trex temporarily idled one of the decking plants at its Winchester, Virginia headquarters on 13 March after an electrical fire at a production building. The necessary repairs to its electrical systems lasted until the end of March. The company said that production would continue as normal at its three other decking plants in Winchester and at its second site in Fernley, Nevada.

Trex plans to make up for the production loss caused by the stoppage during the second quarter. A new decking facility in Winchester is to play its part, which managed to ramp up production more quickly than originally planned since its commissioning in January. Trex currently intends to operate its plants at maximum capacity for the first time towards the end of May. Under old plans, ramp-up was not supposed to be completed until the end of the first half.
The expected loss in production and sales led Trex to slightly downgrade guidance published when it unveiled its 2020 financials at the end of February.

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