Timber-construction sales revenue up by 25 % in March

19.06.2020 − 

Germany carpentry and timber-construction companies generated 25 % more sales revenue in March than they did in the same month of last year. According to the figures published by the federal statistics office (Destatis) on 9 June, this was the highest growth achieved so far this year. Sales revenue had also risen in January (+14.1 %) and February (+8.3 %). Cumulated over the first three months, sales revenue rose by 16.6 %, and the number of employees was 2.2 % higher.

Sales revenue generated from sales in the main building trades including building construction also rose by double figures in the first three months.

In 2019 as a whole, revenue generated from timber-construction sales increased 7.2 %. Slightly higher growth of +7.8 % had been achieved in 2018. In the preceding years, Destatis had recorded low-single figure increase. The number of employees had risen by 1-2 % per year. The development in sales revenue and employee numbers in the main building trades and in building construction in 2019 and in the previous years was similar to the timber construction segment.

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