Moelven modular buildings announces job cuts

08.03.2019 − 

Due to the low level of capacity utilisation, the modular buildings area within the building systems business division of Norwegian Moelven Industrier is making job cuts. At the Sandsjöfors location of Moelven Byggmodul in Sweden, up to 25 of the total 90 employees are to be made redundant according to managing director Johan Samuelsson. Negotiations with trade unions are to commence in the near future. In the Norwegian Byggmodul Hjellum plant, according to Moelven, 80 of the total 100 employees were laid off for four weeks in the second week of January. In addition to the Sandsjöfors and Hjellum locations, modular buildings also has manufacturing locations in the Kil, Säffle and Torsby plants in Sweden.

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