HPE sees no slightly brighter outlook until 2021

28.09.2020 − 

HPE chief executive Marcus Kirschner believes the meanwhile second survey performed by the German association of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging (HPE) amongst its member companies after the first one in May reveals initial grounds for cautious optimism. Whereas the businesses are still anticipating partly significant losses in sales revenue for this year due to the corona crisis, meanwhile 39 % of the 120 participating companies are expecting an improvement in the economic situation for 2021.

For the coming three months, 25 % of the participants are predicting that the impairments in demand and receipts of orders will decrease. For the period up to the end of this year, already 36 % of the participants stated that these impairments will become fewer. Here, too, the situation is meanwhile being judged a little more positively. After roughly 31 % of the participants in the first survey were still assuming that the corona crisis is going to have an increasing impact on receipts of orders and will lead to more cancellations, only around 24 % were still of this opinion in the second survey. Meanwhile 24 % are assuming the difficult circumstances are going to remain unchanged.

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