European pellet production up by 7.2%

23.11.2020 − 

In 2019, pellet production within the EU28 increased by approximately 5% vis à vis the preceding year to 17.841m t, and in other European countries the rate of increase was 17% to a volume of 4.164m t. According to figures published in the 2019 pellet report from the associations Bioenergy Europe (formerly AEBIOM) and the European Pellet Council (EPC) this represents an increase of 7.2% to 22.006m t for Europe as a whole. The report indicates 721 operational pellet plants within the EU. Germany remained Europe’s largest producer of pellets with a volume of 2.821m t, followed by Sweden with 1.633m t, Lithuania with 1.606m t and France with 1.600m t.

Production increases were recorded for North America and Asia (excluding China), the former up by 13% to 12.364m t and the latter by just 1% to 3.932m t. Together with the figures for South America (+21% to 971,000t) and Oceania (7% to 220,000t), total worldwide pellet production (excluding China) thus amounted to 39.493m t, representing an increase of almost 9%. Within the last six years, worldwide pellet production (excluding China) has risen by 18.449m t - approximately 88%.

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