EU pellet consumption could increase to over 30m t

11.08.2020 − 

According to the latest estimates, the apparent consumption of pellets within the EU might rise to a total of approximately 30.8m t this year. According to the current GAIN Report “Biofuels Annual” produced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) this would equate to an increase of around 5.8 % against 2019. In the report, which refers mainly to numerical data from the association Bioenergy Europe, Global Trade Information Services (GTIS), and its own data, the USDA is assuming an increase of 4.5 % in the EU’s pellet output to 18.5m t. Imports are predicted to rise by 8.7 % to 12.5m t.

The USDA had already expected pellet consumption to rise to over 30m t for 2019. Provisional figures show that neither the growth in output forecasted a year earlier (+7 %) nor in imports (+21 %) was achieved, however. Pellet production within the EU increased 4.7 % in 2019. Imports rose by 10.8 %.

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