Austria’s pellet production in 2020 boosted by 6.9 %

26.04.2021 − 

The Austrian pellet industry produced a total of 1.540m t of pellets in 2020. As such, the figure published by the industry association proPellets Austria at the beginning of April is only negligibly higher than the forecast of 1.525m t given by the association at the end of September. In addition to an increase of almost 7 % against a year earlier, a new record level was also reached in 2020.The pellet output in Austria has thus roughly doubled in the last ten years alone and almost trebled over a period of 15 years.

Overall, pellet production in Austria has also been rising significantly than consumption since 2017. At 1.015m m³, proPellets recorded an increase of around 9.1 % in consumption for the past year, though the difference to production rose by another 3 % at 525,000 t. For comparison, the difference between production and consumption in 2016 was only 175,000 t. The surplus output is channelled mainly into export to Italy and Germany.

The reasons proPellets gives for the increase in production and sales volume are high sales of pellet-fired heating systems and colder weather on average than in 2019, which also compensated for shortfall in consumption in the Austrian hotel industry caused by the corona-related lockdowns.

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