Rise in market share of prefabricated construction

In August, the proportion of prefabricated construction in the number of approvals for de-tached and semi-detached houses in Germany rose significantly vis à vis the same month last year to 23.8%. Compared to the previous month, this corresponds to an increase of 0.4 percentage points; compared to January, an increase of 2.3 percentage points ensues. A total of 9,021 de-tached and semi-detached houses were approved in August, of which 2,145 are to be pre-fabricated.

According to the building approval numbers recorded by the Federal Statistical Office for the first eight months, a total of 76,528 units concern detached and semi-detached houses, of which 17,475 units - or 22.8% - are prefabricated. Compared to the preceding year’s figures, the to-tal number of approvals rose by 10.3%, while an increase of 14.9% was recorded in the case of prefabricated construction.

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