Belarusian pellet exports increase at double-digit rate

In the first half, Belarus exported 270,000 t of pellets at a value of US$27.1m. In terms of volume, this represents an increase of 15%; in terms of value, however, it corresponds to a decline of 7%. According to Belstat, deliveries to customers in Denmark rose by 40% to 107,800 t and by seven percentage points to a proportion of 40%. Exports to Latvia increased at the same rate to 66,710 t. Growth was also recorded concerning exports to Poland (+391% to 19,378 t) and Sweden (+91% to 13,307 t). A decline, by contrast, was recorded in the case of deliveries to Lithuania (-35% to 54,001 t).

In the second quarter, exports rose by 16% compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year to 144,900 t. In the first quarter, the growth rate had amounted to 13%. In 2020, exports had increased even more strongly in the first (+44%), second (+21%), third (+51%) and fourth (+49%) quarters. In the entire period of 2020, 532,400 t of pellets had been exported at a value of US$63.8m.

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