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Stronger growth in North American OSB production

09.08.2018 − 

North American OSB output increased much more than softwood plywood production in the second quarter after the two grades delivered rather similar performances in the first three months. According to the APA-The Engineered Wood Association OSB manufacturing edged 5.7% higher compared with the prior-year period to 5.333m m³. The biggest improvements materialised in the south and south-east of the US where output was 8.8% higher than last year at 2.856m m³. OSB manufacturing in the north of the US was stagnant at 642,000 m³. Canadian production rose 3.0% to 1.835m m³.

North American softwood plywood production increased 3.5% between the first and second quarters. It was up just 1.2% compared with last year at 2.546m m³. US regions, which are mapped separately in the APA statistics, evolved in parallel with one another. Hardly any changes emerged compared with the same stretch last year; production rose about 2% compared with the first quarter both in the south of the US and on the west coast. Canadian softwood plywood production was 10.4% higher than in the first quarter and 6.7% higher than last year at 478,000 m³.

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