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Minor increase in North American OSB prices

22.10.2021 − 

After the sharp decline in July and August, North American OSB prices have picked up again slightly over the last six weeks OSB prices had reached their lowest point in the second half of August. According to Random Lengths, the benchmark 7/16’’ grade in the north central region had fallen to US$410/1,000 sqft or US$397/m³. From the peak of US$1,345/1,000 sqft or US$1,302/m³ reached at the end of June, prices had fallen by US$935/1,000 sqft or 69.5% in just under two months.

Following fairly moderate reductions in the first half of July and a strong slump in the second half of July and first part of August, the downward trend slowed considerably in the following period. By mid-August, prices had already fallen to US$ 415/1,000 sqft; by the end of the month they were at US$410. In the first week of September, prices reached a level of US$435. At the end of September prices were at US$455 and at the beginning of October at US$475. Prices, consequently, had risen by US$65 or 15.9% within six weeks. They are nevertheless still almost one third down on the previous year‘s level of US$690.

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