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Latvian plywood exports above previous quarter

09.03.2021 − 

In the fourth quarter Latvian plywood exports increased by 7.2% vis à vis the comparative period of 2019 to 90,100m³. Following a continual decline in exports since the beginning of the year (Q1: 90,600m³, Q2: 88,100m³, Q3: 80,500m³), it was also possible to surpass the figure recorded in the previous quarter for the first time again. With regard to the entire period of 2020, a 4.6% increase to 349,300m³ ensued; the export value, however, decreased by 1.8% vis à vis 2019 to €226.7m. In its current export trade statistics, the forestry department within the Latvian ministry of agriculture, has once again made upward adjustments to the figures of 326,400m³ and €224.7m initially recorded for 2019. In May, the original figures of 309,500m³ and €212.8m had already been adjusted upwards.

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