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Garnica Group boosts capacity at Llodio mill by a quarter

04.01.2019 − 

Spanish Grupo Garnica Plywood has raised manufacturing capacity at a radiata pine plywood mill in Llodio that it acquired in April 2018 by roughly 25%. This capacity increase was made possible by investments in new technology and by optimising its existing machinery. This year, Garnica will produce approximately 48,000 m³ of radiata pine plywood at the new location, a year-on-year upturn of around 19%.

The ongoing integration process is focusing mainly on more refined products. For instance, production of radiata pine plywood filmed on both sides had already jumped 30% in the past few months. New product versions had also been developed, including decorative raw plywood and special plywood boards for use in the automotive segment. Plywood made in Llodio is still sold under the Laudio brand name. The export rate was listed at approximately 80%.

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