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BASF resumes operations at its North Harbour

03.11.2017 − 

Following the completion of repairs, BASF resumed operations at the North Harbour of its Ludwigshafen complex, which was shut for a long time after a serious explosion on 17 October. Once approval was granted by the Frankenthal public prosecutors’ office, destroyed pipelines were removed and then reinstalled with a new safety strategy.

The 38 pipelines in the pipeline route in the North Harbour are now being gradually approved by permit authorities and opened. At the end of July, the long-distance pipeline for propylene from Karlsruhe first resumed operations. The first ship with refined products was unloaded at the start of September. Liquid gas handling subsequently resumed.

On 25 October, BASF loaded the first ship with ammonia. The first ships carrying methanol were expected to arrive towards the end of October. All pipelines, apart from the long-distance pipeline for ethylene, are projected to be available for use again by the end of November.

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