Greenlam’s laminate exports increased by roughly 5 %

14.06.2018 − 

Indian Greenlam Industries raised the volume of its laminate sales in its business year 2017/2018 (31 March) by 7.9 % against the previous year to 13.81m units. At +10.8 %, deliveries to the domestic market increased at a greater rate than exports, which were 5.1 % higher than a year earlier.

At slightly lower selling prices (-1.0 %), sales revenue generated by the “Laminates and Allied” division rose by 4.8 % to 9.843bn INR. Here, revenue from export sales fell by a total of 5.0 % due to unfavourable development in rates of exchange from the point of view of the company and the goods and service tax (GST) introduced on 1 July 2017. The volume of laminate sales in India, on the other hand, increased 14.9 % whereby the growth in sales revenue was slowed by the GST here, too. Ad-justed for this additional burden, domestic sales revenue would have been 18.7 % higher than a year earlier.

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