Glatfelter raises overlay paper revenues again

31.03.2021 − 

Glatfelter Corp. has announced that its Composite Fibers business unit (CFBU) increased its revenues from overlay paper by 4.5% to US$36.9m last year. A slump in its composite laminates operations in 2019 was only partially erased, though. Overlay paper revenues had fallen by 7.6% from US$38.2m in 2018 to US$35.3m in 2019. According to Glatfelter’s annual report, which was published in late February, its Food & Beverage and Technical Specialties operations hoisted their revenues above 2018’s level thanks to last year’s growth. Revenues from tea and coffee filter paper had been just shy of the previous year’s level at US$278.8m in 2019. Last year produced a 2.5% growth to US$285.7m. Technical specialties delivered revenues of US$81.3m in 2018, US$79.5m in 2019 and US$84.3m last year.

Revenues from Wallcovering and Metallized operations decreased in all three years. Wallcovering revenues had been in the triple digits in 2018 at US$103.7m. After plunging to US$81.7m in 2019, 2020 brought only a small decrease to US$79.3m. The downward trend in Metallized activities was compounded by production ceasing at the site in Gernsbach, Germany. Revenues thus fell to US$38.9m.

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