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Wood felling in Finland in Q1-3 decreased by 15 %

27.01.2021 − 

In the first nine months, the volume of roundwood felled in Finland for use as a material amounted to around 40.3m m³, equating to a reduction of 15.1 % against a year earlier. Surveys performed by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) revealed that the volume felled in the third quarter was only 5.5 % lower than the year before but a reduction of 19 % had already built up at the middle of the year after -21.4 % in the first quarter and -15.8 % in the second.

With regard to the different assortments, the volume of felled sawlogs turned out to be 12 % down at 16.5m m³ and the felled volume of industrial roundwood fell a little more sharply by 17.1 % to 23.9m m³. In sawlogs, the volume of pine was 9.4 % down at 7.4m m³ and spruce turned out to be 13.6 % lower at 8.5m m³. At 14.2m m³, a total of 86 % of the total felled volume was accounted for by Finland’s private forests (-14.5 %), and the remaining 14 % was harvested in industrial forests.

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