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US sawnwood output increased 5.2 % in first quarter

26.06.2020 − 

An estimated 9.160bn bdft of sawn softwood was produced in the USA in the first three months of this year, 5.2 % more than in the same period of last year. The provisional figures from the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) show that the output in in all three months was higher than the respective figure for last year. From a regional perspective, the increase is exclusively attributable to higher production in the “US South” region. Here, the sawn-softwood output rose by 8.1 % to 5.116bn bdft. In comparison, the output in the “US Coast” and “US Inland” regions was just below and slightly higher, respectively, than the figures for a year earlier at 2.238bn bdft and 1.128bn bdft. As such, the share of the total US sawn-softwood output accounted for by US South increased by one and a half percentage points in the period under review to 55.9 %.

As reported by the WWPA last week, no production data is available yet from Statistics Canada yet on Canada’s sawn-softwood output in February and March. Owing to corona-related restrictions, Statistics Canada has not yet released any information about when this data will be forthcoming. An overview of the total North American sawn-softwood output is to be presented soon after the data is at hand.

Figures from the Softwood Lumber Controls Division (TNC) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Ottawa, Canada, are available for exports to the USA. These show that the Canadian works exported 3.133bn bdft to the USA in the first quarter, a minor increase of 0.5 %. The volume supplied by British Columbia was down by 5.1 % at 1.138bn bdft. Exports from the works in Quebec were reduced by 6.6 % to 563.7m bdft. It looks as if Canada’s US exports in the second quarter are going to be more than 20 % down.

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