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Titan Group investing roughly 450m RUB in forest sector

19.03.2018 − 

Northern Russian Titan Group is planning to invest roughly 450m RUB (roughly equivalent to 6.5m €) in the group’s forest businesses this year. The scale of the investment expenditure, channelled mainly into the forest businesses Karpogoriles, Pinesheles, and Ust-Pokschengcki, will thus be roughly the same as last year. Last year, the company had invested in reforestation and plant-cultivation measures at the three businesses, located approximately 200 km from Archangelsk in the Pinega district.

By the end of 2017, Titan Group had also completed procurement of forest machines, log transporters, and construction vehicles worth a total of 850m RUB. The group also invested some 100m RUB in its forest businesses’ net-work of forest roads.

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