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Setra Group boosts operating result to SEK600m

01.11.2021 − 

After SEK177m in the first quarter and SEK442m in the second, Setra Group, Sweden, recorded a further increase in the operating result for the third quarter to SEK600m. As reported by the group on 20 October, sales revenue was almost doubled to SEK1.565bn.

According to CEO Katarina Levin, the decisive factors for the considerable increases were primarily the high selling prices on the markets for sawnwood and value-added wood products, which have led to unprecedented profitability despite higher raw-material and production costs.

The growth in sales revenue for the nine-month period amounts to 40.6% to SEK4.278bn. The operating result and net profit were both greatly increased to SEK1.219bn and SEK958m, respectively. Significant events in the period under review were the announcement of adding a small-diameter log line to the pine sawmill in Skinnskatteberg and the start of biofuel production at the joint venture Pyrocell at the beginning of September.

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