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SCA Wood profited from higher selling prices in Q3

16.11.2021 − 

The “Wood” division of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) recorded significantly higher sales revenue and key performance figures for the third quarter. According to the quarterly report published on 29 October, an increase of 37% was achieved in the reporting period to SEK2.183bn along with a more than six-fold increase in EBITDA to SEK1.180bn. The EBITDA margin, which had turned out to be well above average in the second quarter at 35.6%, thus continued to improve and amounted to 54.1%. The operating result was also far higher than in the same quarter of last year at SEK1.122bn. Due above all to the sale of SCA Wood Supply UK the sales figures show a sharp decline of 21% to 494,000 m³.

In the “Forest” division, the volume of wood felled in the group’s own forests decreased 28% to 829,000 m³. Owing to higher selling prices and a more favourable mix of grades, sales revenue for the quarter remained only slightly behind the last year’s figure at SEK1.455bn. EBITDA was held steady at SEK516m and the operating result improved slightly to SEK458m. The corresponding margins were slightly higher than a year earlier at 35.5% and 31.5%, respectively.

The pulp activities covered by the “Pulp” division show an increase of 54% in sales revenue to SEK1.522bn. Besides growth of 13% in the sold volume of pulp to 213,000 t, SCA also profited from higher selling prices. Whilst raw-material procurement costs remained largely stable, EBITDA and the operating result were much higher than a year earlier at SEK659m and SEK518m, respectively.

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