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Romsilva to harvest 9.5 m³ of roundwood in 2020

23.10.2019 − 

The Romanian national forest administration Regia Nationala a Padurilor (Romsilva) is planning to harvest 9.5m m³ of roundwood in 2020. At a press conference on 11 October, Romsilva’s director general, Gheorghe Mihailescu, stated that the felled volume will therefore be roughly on par with this year’s level. Of this, 3.7m m³ of roundwood is to be felled by Romsilva forest enterprises and sold to companies in the timber industry and as firewood to retail buyers. Like this year, 36 % of the harvested volume is to be accounted for by softwoods. Mihailescu gave the planned shares of hardwoods as follows: beech 24 %, oak 13 %, hard hardwoods 18 %, soft hardwoods 9 %. The roundwood will be sold at auctions held from 1 November to 31 December.

5.8m m³ of roundwood is to be sold to logging concessionaires. The shares of the individual wood species were given as follows: softwoods 34 %, beech 34 %, oak 8 %, hard and soft hardwoods 12 % each.

Romsilva manages 3.13m ha or 48 % of the total of 6.41m ha of forest in Romania.

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