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Romsilva reckoning with 460,000 m³ of stormwood

13.10.2017 − 

After the storms that hit parts of the Balkans and western Romania on 17 and 18 September, the Romanian state forest administration (Romsilva) published an initial estimate of the damage on 21 September. Of a total of 460,000 m³, roughly 246,000 m³ is accounted for by areas on which entire forest stands were fractured or uprooted. Romsilva puts the largest entirely thrown stand at 700 ha.

The focus of the damage is in the region of the Bihor forest office at 200,000 m³, a figure of 85,000 m³ has been established in the district of the Arad forest office, and 70,000 m³ in Maramures. Romsilva is also drawing attention to the provisional nature of these figures, however, as many forest roads are still blocked and affected stands are still inaccessible for more precise assessments.

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