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Poland threated with action before Court of Justice

10.05.2017 − 

On 27 April, the EU Commission requested the Polish ministry of the environment to discontinue felling operations on the present scale in the “Bialowieza Forest” National Park in southern Poland. The EU Commission holds the view that the current felling operations are far greater than necessary to keep the outbreak of bark beetles in check in the 60,000 ha of forest.

Due to the threat of irreparable damage to the forest stands concerned, the EU Commission is calling upon the Polish authorities to react within the space of one month instead of the usual term of two. If felling persists at the present rate, the EU Commission bring an action against Poland before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on the grounds of violation of EU law.

With reference to the Wild Birds Directive 2009/147/EU and the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive 92/43/EEU, the EU Commission had already cautioned Poland in connection with felling operations in Bialowieza National Park in June 2016.

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