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Mellanskog’s profit almost doubled in 2017

23.03.2018 − 

At a total of 40.4m SEK, Swedish Mellanskog recorded a near doubling of its operating result for its business year 2017. Owing to dividends of 51.9m SEK from stakes in companies, net profit increased to 82.7m SEK in spite of the higher tax payments of 9.6m SEK. A 6.4% increase in the sales volume to 4.725m m³ in particular as well as higher log prices caused sales revenue to rise by 6.2% in 2017 to 3.036bn SEK. The cash flow fell to 141.1m SEK with the association’s debt ratio amounting to -2%.

As a forest-owner association, Mellanskog represents the interests of 26,000 members, above all in central Sweden. With a shareholding of 49.5%, Mellanskog is also the biggest shareholder of the sawmilling group Setra Group.

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