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Ladenburger can now cut 200,000 m³ more per annum

04.09.2020 − 

The two contracts for noise prevention formulated under the auspices of the district administration of Ostalbkreis and signed on 14 August enable Ladenburger to significantly increase its annual output to what is likely to be more than 1.1m m³. The existing working-hours model allowed 950,000 m³ to be cut annually in Kerkingen. After representatives of the citizens’ initiative Pro Kerkingen, Ladenburger, the district administration, and the town of Bopfingen, in a first step, had signed a contract for tolerating production activity between the hours in of 4:30 and 23:30, Ladenburger extended its cutting operations to these hours from 17 August.

In a second contract signed under public law, the conditions were laid down for introducing a full night shift. Ladenburger’s managing director, Klaus Brodbeil, is expecting the permits for the night shifts to be issued in the next few weeks. The increase in output facilitated by the tolerance and the permits as a result of the contract under public law which came into force on 14 August enables cutting to be potentially increased by 200,000 m³.

In the contract under public law, Ladenburger committed itself to extensive noise-protection measures. These include structural measures such as noise barriers, a technical optimisation of the roundwood intake by 2021, and the encapsulation of equipment to prevent noise emissions. A noise register is being introduced as well. This will be kept in future, too, to serve as a basis for developing further measures. The commitments also include organisational measures.

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