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Juodeliai exceeds target sales revenue set for 2018

23.03.2019 − 

Lithuanian Juodeliai generated sales revenue of around 46m € in 2018. This equates to growth of 24.3 % against the sales revenue of 37m € achieved a year earlier. Juodeliai had originally set its sights on sales revenue of 45m € for 2018. At 229,000 m³, however, the sawnwood output at the three facilities in Radviliškis, Akmenynai, and Jure fell short of the planned 250,000 m³. According to information from the company, roughly 1m € was invested in modernisation measures in 2018. No detailed information has been given on this yet.

In addition to spruce and pine, Juodeliai also cuts alder and poplar. Besides central and western Europe as the main sales region, the share of the share of the sawnwood sold in Arab and East Asian countries has risen continuously in the last few years.

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