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Japanese lumber imports from Europe to decline by 1.3%

06.03.2017 − 

After a probable figure of around 2.81 Mio m³ in 2016, a slight decline of 1.3% is anticipated demand for European lumber in Japan this year. According to the Japan Foreign Timber General Supply & Demand Liaison Conference forecasts published by Japan Lumber Journal, softwood lumber imports from Europe are expected to amount to roughly 2.78m m³ in 2017.

This indicates relatively steady development compared with the other main supplier countries. Imports from North America, for example, are predicted to fall by 2.7% to 2.18m m³, and those from Russia by 5.9% to 640,000 m³. The overall result of this is a reduction of 2.6% in imports to 6.394m m³.

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