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In 2017, Baltic sawmills increased lumber production

01.04.2018 − 

In 2017 sawmills in the Baltic region increased lumber production by comparison with the preceding year. Despite problems concerning roundwood procurement in the fourth quarter, production volumes between October and December were also above the comparative figures of the preceding year.

According to Estonian statistics authority, Estonian sawmills produced a total of 2.349m m³ lumber in 2017, corresponding to an increase of 15% by comparison with the preceding year. With the exception of May (-3%), production volumes increased every month vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year.

According to Latvian statistics authority, Latvian sawmils and planing mills generated turnover of €862.5m in 2017, which corresponds to a 2% rise by comparison with 2016. In the first quarter turnover was 6% above the preceding year’s figure. In the subsequent three quarters turnover remained virtually stable compared to the previous year. The companies generated €569.5m, or two thirds, of turnover abroad. This corresponds to an increase of 4%.

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