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Hamberger closing sawmill in Kleinostheim

07.11.2017 − 

The hardwood sawmill of Hamberger Hardwood of Kleinostheim will be closing down and discontinuing business operations in mid-2018. Log cutting is scheduled to end in mid-December. The sawmill’s 33 employees were notified of this at a works meeting on 19 October.

In a press release, the reason Hamberger gives for the closure is the changes on the parquet market, by which beech was most heavily affected. On the basis of the original plans, the sawmill, opened in 2007, was geared to an annual output of 135,000 m³ and to the production of beech friezes, but the parquet market has undergone marked changes in the last ten years in terms of wood species and the assortments.

At the beginning of the planning for the sawmill in 2004, beech had still accounted for 55% of Hamberger’s volume of parquet sales, followed by oak at 35%. Hamberger puts the share of beech at only 7% at the moment, and that of oak at 85%.

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