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Finnish exports to China up 36% on preceding year

16.03.2018 − 

In the fourth quarter of 2017 Finnish exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber and planed lumber to China, at 425,607m³, were 36% above the comparative quarter of the preceding year. As a proportion of total Finnish exports, this constitutes an increase by three percentage points to 17%. According to the latest export statistics published by the Finnish customs authority, deliveries to customers in Egypt increased by 29% to 393,896 m³. Exports to Japan, at 273,826 m³, remained at virtually the same level as the preceding year. Exports to countries outside of Europe increased by 9% to 1.573m m³, and the proportion amounted to 64%.

Deliveries to European countries increased by 5% to 836,456m³, at a proportion of 36%. Increases in exports to France (+3% to 131,836m³), Estonia (+43% to 112,198m³) and the Netherlands (+27% to 71,993m³) compensated declines in exports to Great Britain (-6% to 209,532m³) and Germany (-3% to 104,945m³).

With regard to the entire period of 2017, Finnish exports exceeded the previous year’s figure by 9% at 9.339m m³. Exports to countries outside Europe rose at the same rate to 5.830m m³. At a volume of 2.957m m³, sales volumes to customers in east, south and south-east Asia were 37% above the figure of the previous year. Decreases were recorded, by contrast, in exports to North Africa (-12% to 1.909m m³) as well as to the Near and Middle East (-5% to 902,386m³). Deliveries to customers in Europe increased by 7% to 3.509m m³.

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