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Czech Republic dispensing with a general ban on felling

22.11.2017 − 

The decree for a nationwide ban on green-timber felling for spruce and pine proposed by the Czech ministry of agriculture in September and intended to be applicable for all forms of forest ownership from the end of October/beginning of November has not been implemented. This was confirmed by the Czech ministry of agriculture on 7 November.

Instead, the ministry has only requested the state forest office and the administrative bodies responsible for the forests on military training areas and military land to suspend green-timber felling operations until further notice. The reference to the ban on felling which has not gone through after all is connected with another decree which obliges forest owners in the Czech Republic to clear the wood damaged by bark beetles and storms so far this year by the end of March 2018.

The Czech ministry of agriculture is meanwhile anticipating volumes of wood damaged in 2017 similar to those left in the wake of the storm Kyrill in 2007. At that time the volume of damaged wood in the Czech Republic had amounted to 14.7m m³.

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