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Bergs Timber reports sales and earnings increases

09.07.2018 − 

The Swedish company Bergs Timber achieved significant increases in sales and earnings in the third quarter of fiscal 2017/2018 (Sept. 30), with a significant portion of these increases being attributable to the acquisitions made since the same period last year. According to the quarterly report published at the end of last week, sales rose by around 37% to SEK 523.9m. The four production and trading sites of Norvik, Norvik Timber Industry (NTI), the Icelandic timber and trading group, in Estonia, Latvia and the United Kingdom, which were acquired as of 15 May, accounted for SEK 92m of this total. EBITDA almost doubled from Skr 34.0m to Skr 66.6m, operating profit rose to Skr 56.4m, of which Skr 7.4m was attributable to NTI activities.



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