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Belarusian exports decline at more significant rate

11.01.2022 − 

In the third quarter Belarusian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber declined by one-fifth vis à vis the comparative quarter of 2020 to 779,947 m³. According to the export trade statistics published monthly by Belstat, the decline was thus almost as high as in the first quarter (-23% to 771,725 m³). In the second quarter, at 989,319 m³, exports significantly exceeded the volumes delivered in the first and third quarters; the previous year’s figure was missed by 7%, however.

Exports to the EU fell by 18% to 638,122 m³. As a proportion of total exports, this constitutes a rise of three percentage points to 82%. Deliveries to Latvia, the most important export market for Belarusian softwood lumber, have increased by 7% to 195,919 m³. As a proportion of total exports, this reflects an increase of six percentage points to 25%. Figures recorded for all other relevant purchasing countries, by contrast, remained below the previous year: Lithuania -42% to 131,015 m³, Germany -12% to 89,062 m³, China -16% to 98,731 m³, CIS states -39% to 25,684 m³.

Accumulated over the first nine months, Belarus exported 2.541m m³ softwood lumber at a value of US$584.5m. This represents a 16% decrease compared to the previous year’s volume, but a 64% increase in value.

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