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93 employees dismissed from Rörvik Timber

03.03.2017 − 

According to reports in Swedish media, Rörvik Timber terminated the employment contracts of the entire workforce of the two Boxholm and Myresjö sawmills on 23 February.. The radio station P4 Jönköping quoted CEO Per Rodert as saying that attempts to find new owners for the works had failed. No information was given as to the effective date of the dismissals or when the sawmills are to be closed down. The Boxholm pine sawmill has a capacity of around 280,000 m³ per year, and the Myresjö spruce sawmill 150,000 m³.

After the closure of the two facilities, Rörvik will continue to only operate only one sawmill in Linghems with an annual capacity of 80,000 m³, thereby largely concluding the divestment strategy the company has been pursuing for a little more than a year.

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