China maintains import ban on roundwood from Australia

The ban on imports of roundwood from Australia imposed by Chinese phytosanitary authorities in autumn 2020 remains in place. Australia’s demands that the ban be lifted are still not being met by China. Wood chip deliveries, by contrast, remain possible. As a result of the import ban, Australia has accumulated high stocks of roundwood that has already been harvested and was originally intended for export to China.

China had initially banned roundwood deliveries in October from the Australian states and regions of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. In December, the import ban was extended to include New South Wales and Western Australia. China has cited phytosanitary measures as justification for the decision. The attempts made by Australia in the meantime to prove that the roundwood deliveries were pest-free have not been recognised by Chinese customs and phytosanitary authorities. In addition to roundwood, various other agricultural products are also affected by the import restrictions imposed on Australia by China.

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