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Norbord Europe sales volumes grew by 3%

25.02.2021 − The Europe business division of Norbord increased its sales of wood-based panels last year by 3% to 1.879bn sqft, or 1.663m m³. » more


Homann Holzwerkstoffe issues €60m bond

22.02.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe intends to refinance its 2017/2022 bond early by issuing a new €60m bond. » more

Homann intends to invest €130m in Lithuania

19.02.2021 − Homann has moved ahead with preparations for a project to build a new MDF/HDF mill near Vilnius, Lithuania. » more

Greenpanel: MDF sales again increase significantly

18.02.2021 − In the third quarter of the 2020/2021 financial year (31 March), Greenpanel Industries sold a total volume of 123,723m³ MDF. » more