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All HPE indices down in November as well

06.12.2021 − The HPE wood-price indices for solid wood, OSB, and plywood show a reduction against the previous month in November as well.» more


Canfor’s sawnwood production reduced by 10%

03.12.2021 − During the course of the third quarter, Canfor reduced its sawn-softwood output by almost 10% to 1.279bn bdft but the changes varied widely from one region to another.» more

Koskisen awards contracts for sawmill machinery

02.12.2021 − During the course of autumn, Koskisen placed its orders for the machinery for the planned sawmill near Järvelä by the end of 2023. » more

Kaamos finishes construction of sorting unit

30.11.2021 − Kaamos Timber had already finished setting up a new roundwood-sorting system at its Mozyr facility in Belarus at the end of September. » more