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Ziegler Group to consider building works in Slovakia

19.08.2021 − Ziegler Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Slovakian ministry of trade and industry for building a sawmill and wood-processing works near the southern Slovakian city of Rimavská Sobota. » more


Duties of 15 % imposed on Russian birch plywood

14.06.2021 − After publication in the EU Gazette on Thursday, the preliminary anti-dumping duties imposed on birch plywood from Russia by the EU Commission became effective as of 12 June.» more

EU wants sanctions against timber industry in Belarus

14.06.2021 − EU parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday imposing sanctions against Belarus.» more

Pervanovo acquires Croatian Spacva Group

10.06.2021 − Via its Croatian subsidiaries Swedish Pervanovo Invest has taken over a further Croatian hardwood processor.» more