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China imports 9.92m m³ spruce from Germany

11.02.2021 − China’s imports of spruce roundwood from Germany almost tripled vis à vis the preceding year to 9.92m m³. » more


Prices for spruce roundwood now higher in China

29.01.2021 − The stabilisation and recovery that began in selling prices for spruce roundwood in China at the middle of 2020 has continued in December and January. » more

Peak reached by China’s spruce imports from Europe

08.12.2020 − At over 1.67m m³, European exports of spruce roundwood to China reached the highest level so far this year in September. » more

Russian roundwood exports decline further

08.10.2020 − In the second quarter Russian exports of softwood logs declined by 22% vis à vis the preceding year, to 1.802m m³. » more