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More pronounced growth registered in British imports

28.09.2021 − British sawn-softwood imports in the second quarter were 68% higher than a year earlier at 2.144m m³. » more


Significant rise in Russian exports to Europe

27.09.2021 − In the second quarter Russian softwood lumber exports to relevant European purchasing countries increased at an above-average rate compared to the same period last year.» more

Pfeifer invests €20m in extending Chanovice facility

24.09.2021 − Over the last few months, Pfeifer Group has enlarged the drying capacity and put a new planing works into operation at its Chanovice facility in the Czech Republic at a cost of approximately €20m.» more

Sweden’s Q2 exports restored to last year’s level

21.09.2021 − In the second quarter, at a total of 3.677m m³, Sweden was able to restore its sawn-softwood and planed-product exports almost to the level of a year earlier.» more