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Södra: EBITDA margin down five percentage points

16.07.2019 − The temporary shutdown of the pulp mill in Värö, higher raw material procurement costs and a base effect compared to the previous year caused Swedish Södra's sales and earnings figures to decline.» more


Liche takes over management of Ilim Timber

01.07.2019 − Carsten Doehring is stepping down as Managing Director and CEO of Ilim Timber Bavaria and Ilim Nordic Timber.» more

Segezha: EBITDA margin up by 9.5 percentage points

01.07.2019 − In the first quarter the Segezha Group achieved significantly improved key results figures compared with last year. » more

Primultini supplying DTE with replacement bandsaw

01.07.2019 − The bandsaw exhibited by Primultini at the Ligna 2019 trade fair is being assembled at the Ribe facility of the sawmill and pallet manufacturer Dansk Træemballage (DTE) in June and July.» more