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Japan: imports of lumber from Europe down by 13%

11.06.2021 − In the first quarter, Japanese imports of softwood lumber from Europe declined by 13.1% vis à vis the preceding year to a total volume of 505,762m³.» more


Interfor wants to acquire four US sawmills from GP

10.06.2021 − The Canadian company Interfor Corp. came to an agreement with Georgia-Pacific Wood Products and GP Wood Products on 27 May on the acquisition of four US sawmills.» more

US lumber futures decrease significantly again

10.06.2021 − Following the rise in lumber futures for July 2021 to a peak of US$1,711/1,000bdft, quotations are now considerably lower.» more

Softwood lumber exports remain above previous year

09.06.2021 − In the first quarter, at 1.655m m³, German exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber increased by 5% compared to the preceding year. » more