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Gradual recovery in European housing construction

08.09.2021 − Following the corona-related decline in 2020, housing construction in most European countries is set to recover somewhat faster in the current year and the next two years than initially anticipated. » more


England: housing starts at highest figure of past 13 years

09.08.2021 − In the first quarter housing starts in England, adjusted to account for seasonal influences, increased by 36% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 46,010 units. » more

Building approvals rise only slightly in May

06.08.2021 − Following a 4.4% decline in April, in May building approvals for living units in new residential buildings in Germany rose by 1.8% to 28,199 units. » more

US housing starts rise by 6.3% in May

05.08.2021 − The increase in US housing starts recorded in May and June could not fully offset the 12.2% decline recorded in April. » more