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Norbord Europe sales volumes grew by 3%

25.02.2021 − The Europe business division of Norbord increased its sales of wood-based panels last year by 3% to 1.879bn sqft, or 1.663m m³. » more


Norbord operating as West Fraser after deal closes

12.02.2021 − West Fraser Timber put the finishing touches to a deal struck in mid-November to acquire all shares in Norbord on 1 February after receiving all necessary approvals. » more

Supply problems with structural wood-based panels

08.02.2021 − The availability of wood-based panels for construction purposes is strained in Europe at the moment.» more

OSB production grows at double-digit rate in Q3

26.01.2021 − In the third quarter a total of 302,003m³ OSB (goods tariff number 1621 13 160) was produced in Germany.» more