Westag & Getalit reports growth in laminates business

26.04.2021 − 

Westag & Getalit encountered an 0.7% decline in revenues to €229.1m in the 2020 financial year, primarily because of a slowdown in export business and a downturn in its Doors/Frames division. While German revenues came close to reaching the previous year’s level at €171.5m, exports were down 1.9% at €57.7m. The export rate thus worsened to 25.2 %.

Revenues from the Doors/Frames division dropped by 7.0% to €114.0m. Domestic and international business have tracked almost in parallel to one another. The export rate stayed almost the same at 22.8 % amidst a decrease in export revenues to €26.0m. In its 2020 annual report, which was published in late March, Westag & Getalit mainly blamed this slump in revenues from its door operations on the ongoing elimination of low-margin products. The coronavirus pandemic intensified the downward trend that ensued last year. The division’s revenues dipped from €127.0m in 2016 to €126.9m in 2017 and €125.4m in 2018 before dwindling again in 2019.

With another 7.0% improvement to €107.7m, the Surfaces/Elements division recorded its highest revenues in recent years. Exports increased only slightly to €31.7m, pushing the export rate back below the 30% mark to 29.4 %. Westag & Getalit said that last year’s stronger growth was mainly fuelled by cooperation with other laminate manufacturers at Broadview Holding. Westag & Getalit’s portfolio was expanded, mainly by products from Arpa Industriale and Trespa International.

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