Westag & Getalit divisions show mixed performances

23.11.2020 − 

Westag & Getalit has announced that both of its divisions staged a recovery over the past few months. The two divisions had experienced falling revenues in the second quarter mainly because of the pandemic. The variations seen in the first half of the year have thus continued to play out. The company’s Surfaces/Elements division booked a 4.0% growth to €26.3m in the third quarter, while its Doors and Frames operations were still just shy of last year at €30.4m.

Looking at the period from January to September combined, the Surfaces/Elements division raised its revenues by 5.1% to €80.2m. A weak performance by its plywood product business, which remains challenging because of persistently cautious investing in the car-building sector, was more than erased by expanding marketing of products made by its affiliates Trespa International and Arpa Industriale. Westag & Getalit sourced goods and services with a total value of €10.3m from other entities belonging to Broadview Holding B.V. by the end of September. Conversely, deliveries to these entities generated revenues of €2.8m. Revenues from the Doors and Frames division fell 8.6% to €85.6m in the first nine months due to sharp losses in the first two quarters. The main reason for this is its continued phase-out of lower-margin products, a step that aims to improve the product mix. Revenues from its central area dropped 4.4% to €5.6m between January and September, mainly due to an exceptional profit booked last year.

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