Weinig posts record sales revenue of 463m € in 2018

14.08.2019 − 

At a total of roughly 463m €, Weinig group not only achieved 9.5 % growth in sales revenue against 2017 in its business year 2018 but reached a new record figure as well. This is also the fifth year in succession that the group has recorded an increase in sales revenue. In view of a general flattening in economic activity, however, receipts of orders per 31 December were 6 % short of the previous year’s figure at 444m €.

In the regional distribution of sales revenue and receipts of orders, the EU including Germany accounted for the lion’s share again in 2018 with a share of a little over 50 %. North America remained the biggest market outside Europe with a share of slightly more than 25 % of the receipts of orders and roughly 20 % of the group’s sales revenue. The company says sales revenue and receipts of orders in Russia and China fell short of the expectations. The foreign share of the receipts of orders was roughly 85 % last year. In keeping with tradition, Weinig gave no details about its results for 2018. According to the last business report 2017 published in the electronic Federal Gazette, the consolidated result before income tax amounted to 36.6m €, and the consolidated result for the year 25.6m €.

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