Stagnation in sales in CRH building supplies segment

03.08.2017 − 

In its business year 2016, the sales revenue generated by the “Building materials distribution” division (BMD) of Irish CRH more or less matched that of the year before at €6.381bn. At €4.066bn, roughly 15% of the total sales revenue was accounted for by Europe. The building materials wholesale segment contributed 60%. The shares accounted for by the total of 243 DIY outlets and the wholesale trade in specialist heating and plumbing products were 20%. CRH attributed the lower sales revenue in Europe to factors such as exchange-rate effects and the sale of a subsidiary in the Netherlands. This reduction was only partly compensated for by the minor growth in sales revenue in North America to €2.315bn.

In spite of the 2.2% reduction in sales revenue, a double-figure increase was achieved in the performance figures. EBITDA rose by 20.5% to €206m and the operating result increased 38.3% to €130m. Last year, however, the performance figures were impaired by reserves formed for a fine of €32m imposed by the Swiss competition authority. Adjusted for non-recurring factors, EBITDA and the operating result only rose by 4% and 6% respectively. EBITDA of €150m (+7.1%) and an operating result of €119m (+7.2%) were recorded for North America.

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